All Day Dining 15F

+81-52-584-1101 Reservation Reception / 9: 00-22: 00

All Day Dining 15F

+81-52-584-1101 Reservation Reception / 9: 00-22: 00

Our Style

Stylish space full of light

From the bright and casual interior, you can overlook the city of Nagoya. You can enjoy your meal while watching the city of Nagoya, whether it's the bright sunshine of the day, or the shining neon at night.

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Live-cooking kitchen

Live performance kitchen, provide a totally new style of dining. The chef lively cooks in front of you, serving succulent meals to the table one after another. We hope you relax and enjoy this excellent cuisine.​ ​

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Enjoy the moment with fine cuisine

A stylish restaurant offering a wide range of delicious dishes, prepared for your enjoyment.

Chef’s comment

Food is essential for human life. I believe that my duty as a chef is to use natural ingredients and transform them into sublime cuisine.
In our 723㎡ restaurant, we put our hearts and souls into each dish. We devote ourselves to ensuring customers are always delighted and surprised by our menu. We hope the word "exciting" comes to our customers' minds when thinking of our restaurant.​ ​

chef Shinichi Masuda

About us

Opening hours: 6:30am - 22:00pm (last order / 21:30)
Buffet breakfast / 6:30 - 10:00
Buffet lunch / 11:30 - 15:00
Buffet dinner / 17:30 - 21:00
Closed: Open seven days a week
Floor: 15F
Seats 250 seats (all seats non-smoking)
Children Accepted (No age limit / Children's chair available / All time zones are acceptable)
Parking On-site parking 350 yen/30 minutes (0:00-6:00 350 yen/60 minutes)
170 vehicles
Total Amount:  · 5,000 yen or more: Free up to 2 hours (on-site paking lot only)
Reservation/Contact us​ ​

(Reservation Reception / 9:00 - 22:00)