Concierge Floor

Enjoy check-in and check-out service in the exclusive Lounge located on the 15th floor, breakfast in the same Lounge, and complimentary drink service.
We provide excellent security service for guest rooms on Concierge floors (35F or more) .



  • 1. 36th floor Private reception check-in / check-out

    1 Check-in and check-out at the exclusive reception on the 15th floor

  • 2. Towers Fitness Club free of charge

    2 Free Access to Towers Fitness club​ ​

  • 3. Free use of concierge Lounge

    3 Free access to the Lounge

  • 4. Breakfast will be served at the concierge Lounge

    4 In the Concierge Lounge
    Breakfast served

  • 5. Security enriched floor which can only enter and exit with private keys

    5 Find safety and security: Access with a special key

  • 6. Free morning newspaper

    6 Free newspapers (morning)

  • 7. 2 bottles of mineral water free

    7 2 Free bottles of water

  • 8. Private meeting room 2 hours free (maximum 10 people)

    8 2 hours free for private meeting room
    (Up to 10 people)

  • 9. Sticky snacks free

    9 Light meal free

Kindly Note

  1. Breakfast is available at the lounge. It is available as room service with an additional charge.
  2. Members of the Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite and above are also entitled to use the lounge.
  3. Visitors can be up to 3 people (Breakfast / ¥ 3,500 Tea time / ¥ 3,500 Cocktail Time / ¥ 6,000)
  4. Children under 12 are not allowed in the Lounge after 7:00pm.​ ​​ ​
  5. Refrain from talking on the mobile phone in the Lounge.​ ​
  6. ​If you disturb others, we may ask you to leave.

  • Tablet image

    Tablets You can use a tablet in the room in any language.
    Available in all rooms

  • Simmons bed image

    Simmons bed We're using Simmons mattress.
    Some beds are not available.

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • All rooms are located on higher than 20 floors
  • Amenities:
  • Mini-bar
  • Capsule coffee machine
  • Air purifier
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