Fitness Towers Fitness Club

Have a stylish resort experience on the 18th floor, located in the heart of city.​ ​​ ​

In addition to a spacious indoor pool with a total length of 20 meters, a variety of training machines are available in the fitness area and the relaxation area completes with a public bath and sauna that help to maintain the mind and the body.

Fitness AREA

In the fitness area where you can overlook the city of Nagoya. A variety of training machines are available.

  • · Gym (100 m²)
  • · Aerobics studio (45 m²)
  • · Treadmill
  • · Stationary bicycle
  • · AMT (Cross Training Machine)
  • · Various weight training machines


In the indoor pool which you can experience the resort feeling. Also, you can spend an open and luxurious time.

  • · Pool (20 m)
  • · Jacuzzi
  • · Thermalium (hot bath bed)
  • · Warm room (low temperature sauna)
  • · Vibrating bed (hot bath massage)

Relaxation AREA

Offer refresh menus and the public bath to make your stay comfortable.

  • · Relaxation room
  • · Powder room
  • · Locker room
  • ·Bathroom
  • · Sauna
  • · Massage room

Fitness Gym 24 hours
Pool 7:00~21:00
​ ​(Last entry 20:00)
Locker Room​ ​
· Bathroom · Sauna
(Last entry 21:00)
Massage 12:00~21:30
(Last reception 20: 45)
  • * The fitness area is unstaffed between 22:00-7:00. Since rental wear and locker rooms are unavailable during these hours, please change clothing inside your room.
  • * If you use the gym between 22:00-6:30, please bring your room key.
  • * The facilities can be used from 13:30 on day of check in until 13:30 on day of check out.
  • * Towers Fitness Club maintenance closing notice
    ※We will be closed for facility maintenance from 2020/1/9・2/6・3/5・3/15
  • * We are regularly closed on 2020/1/19 22: 00-20 / 1/24 5:00, facility can not use in the fitness area. Please note there might be change in schedule.

Gym Pool Locker room · Bathroom · Sauna Rental Wear Lesson Fee
Regular Level free ¥3,300
(Including rental wear fee / lesson fee)
Concierge Level free ¥550
(Per item)
(Per lesson)
Marriott Bonvoy
Platinum elite
Titanium elite
Ambassador elite
free ¥550
(Per item)
(Per lesson)
  • * Paid rentals: T-shirts, half pants, swimsuits (rental fee 550 yen each)
  • * Free rental supplies: training shoes · socks · swim cap · goggles · towels · amenities
  • * If you are staying on the regular floor and only using the gym, please change your clothing in your room and come over. A predetermined fee will be charged when you use the locker room.
Fees: Reception time
45 minutes course 5,500 yen 12:00~20:45
60 minutes Course 7,700 yen 12:00~20:30
90 minutes Course 11,000 yen 12:00~20:00
  • Reservation can make at the fitness club. (Fitness direct number: 052-584-1134)
    Reservation can be made on the day *

Pool locker room·
Bathroom / Sauna
Under 3 years old not available
(Only locker rooms are enterable / 9: 00 ~ 18: 00)
not available
(Available from 18 years old and over)
4 to 12 years old Available
13 years and over Available
  • * The use of pool and bathroom is limited to those who have taken diapers of 4 years and over. (Water resistant diaper is not acceptable.)
  • * Children from 4 to 12 years old are only allowed to use the pool and bathroom if they are accompanied by a guardian over 20 years old. Also, they are limited to swim in the free course only.

Kindly Note

  1. 1. This facility is a membership fitness club. The use is limited to those who are club members and their companions, use fitness tickets, guests of hotel guests, or others who are specifically allowed by the hotel.
  2. 2. We may refuse the entrance of those who are tatooed.
  3. 3. When using pool / bathroom, please remove accessories · makeup for water quality conservation and safety.
  4. 4. Please do not use the floating ring in the pool. Please use the built-in helper and beat board.
  5. 5. Please refrain from using alcoholic beverages or smoking or meals inside the facility.
  6. 6. If user is over the age of 8, please use the locker room according to gender.
  7. 7. All prices include tax.