Recommended Sightseeing Plans

Here are Nagoya sightseeing plans we recommend: Most spots are accessible from Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel.

These plans feature many spots where you can enjoy Japanese history, culture and food.

Nagoya Standard Course


This is another whole-day plan we recommend you: Visit rich Nagoya historical heritages and culture including Atsuta Shrine, Osu Kannon Temple, Nagoya Castle and Yuzen Kobo Horibe (Yuzen dyeing). After a long walk, wrap up your trip with dining at "Teppan-Yaki NAKOTEI".

Inuyama Course


Rental kimono with Inuyama Walking! Rent kimono or yukata (traditional Japanese clothing) and explore the Inuyama Castle, a national treasure and its town. Enjoy the food and sweets in cafes of renovated old houses. The climax of this plan is a night fishing called "ukai" at the Kiso river. Get your fill of a traditional Japanese fishing(Ukai;comorant fishing).

Seto Walking Course


It is the course that enjoys Seto City, the production area of traditional industry "Setomono (Seto ware)" in Aichi prefecture, and it has been carried on about 1000 years of history. After visiting the ancient temple "Joukouji" which is related to the Tokugawa family, go to the center of Seto city.

Nagoya Half Day Course


Bathe in full energy of the busy market at "Yanagibashi market" a 5-minute walk from Nagoya Station, and relish a delicious breakfast with a fresh seafood rice bowl of "Maguroya Yanagibashi" in the market. It is a half-day walking course that visitors can enjoy a luxurious lunch meal with a quiet moment at the Owari Tokugawa family's second house like "Tokugawa Art Museum" or "Tokugawaen".

Nabana no sato Course


It is the plan that enjoys the vast theme park "Nabana no sato" tinged by the seasonal flowers. Savor the delicious meal and local beer at Nagashima hot springs known as famous hot springs and the restaurants in the park. At night, visitors can appreciate the illumination event which is being held mainly during the winter season.

NARA Walking Course


A trip walking around the ancient capital Nara. Stroll around Nara-machi where old grocery stores and restaurants have been nestled up to one another. Visitors may be overwhelmed by the scale of world heritage shrines and temples like Kasuga Taisha Shrine and Todaiji Temple. Finally, visitors can taste traditional vegetables in Nara, and first-time visitors and repeat visitors can fully satisfy the course.