In the restaurant filled with light, enjoy our special Japanese/Western buffet meals.
Taste Nagoya specialities from omelette with Hatcho miso sauce, kishimen, miso katsu to made-to-order French toast

Opening hours: 6:30-10:00 (Breakfast Buffet)
Floor: 15F
Fees: Adult ¥ 3,200
Children 7 to 12:¥ 1,800
Children 4 to 7(pre-schoolers):¥ 1,000


Enjoy our buffet

Our full menu features international Marriott Hotel meals made with selected Japanese and Western ingredients.
Delight yourself with an array of beautiful meals.

Our special eggs benedict

A traditional American breakfast/brunch dish consists of an English muffin which is topped with ham, half-boiled eggs, and warm Hollandaise sauce made with egg yolk and butter.

Live-cooking kitchen

At the live-cooking station, enjoy the made-to-order omelet, French toast and others.

Start off a luxurious morning with freshly squeezed orange juice

Try this freshly-squeezed orange juice.
A perfect breakfast drink to start your day.

Nagoya specialities

Buffet features Nagoya specialities including miso katsu, ogura toast, kishimen and more.
Savor meals freshly made with local ingredients.

  • Kishimen


    A type of flat noodle with the smooth texture. Serve with plenty of dried bonito flakes on top.

  • Miso Katsu

    Miso Katsu

    Tonkatsu dish, a deep fried pork cutlet in Nagoya’s version served with the rich miso sauce instead of the traditional tonkatsu sauce. This results in a rich and earthy flavor with a tinge of sweetness that complements the flavor of the crispy fried pork.

  • Ogura toast

    Ogura toast

    Thickly-sliced and toasted bread is dabbed with butter, and sweet red bean paste is put on it. Once you try, you’ll surely love it.