Japanese Restaurant 18F

+81-52-584-1104 Reservation Reception: 10: 00- 22: 00

Japanese Restaurant 18F

+81-52-584-1104 Reservation Reception: 10: 00- 22: 00


Taste small Kyoto

If you pass through the door, it is small Kyoto . There is a scenery which can not believe that it is inside the hotel directly linked to Nagoya Station such as cobblestone, town house-like private room, lovely courtyard and more.

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Traditional technique and good quality materials

Opened in 2016 as a long-established Japanese Restaurant KYOTO TSURUYA Nagoya. Now the cuisine that had been enjoyed by guests from Japan and abroad for nearly a century that finally came to Nagoya.

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High-quality deliciousness and hospitality

Besides Kaiseki cuisine on table seats and private rooms, there are sushi counters, where chef offers sushi in front of you. You can enjoy a variety of dishes that carefully selected by the chef and finished with skilled technique.


You can savor the dishes made use of the taste of the seasonal ingredients from the finest soup stock with carefully selected bonito flakes and Rishiri kelp.
While continuing the tradition of the long history KYOTO TSURUYA, we continue to challenge new cuisine. The restraunt is a place to have a good time. We always care the services that match the customer's needs.​ ​

chef Takayuki Watanabe

About us

Opening hours: Lunch / 11: 30 ~ 15: 00 (last order / 14: 00)
Weekday 17: 30 ~ 22: 00 (last order / 20: 30)
Weekend/Holiday 17: 00 ~ 22: 00 (last order / 20: 30)
Closed: Open seven days a week
Floor: 18F
Seats 160 seats

Hall seat
Private room
Sushi counter 13 seats
Private room Table individual room 12 rooms (for 2 people), room for 5 rooms (for 6 people)
Children No age limit(Children's chair available)
Parking On-site parking, fee: 350 yen/30minutes, (0:00-6:00 350 yen/60 minutes)
170 vehicles
Total Amount: 5,000 yen or more: Free up to 2 hours (on-site paking lot only)
Reservation/Contact us​ ​

(Reservation Reception: 10:00- 22:00)