Our buffet breakfast consists of Japanese and Western dishes.
Pick up from the wide selection of meals such as our delicious French toasts and specially-cooked curry and more.
Spend your fresh morning time with our rich breakfast at ROSIERE

Restaurant ROSIERE

Restaurant ROSIERE

Opening hours: 6: 30 ~ 9: 30 (last entry)
Breakfast venue Restaurant ROSIERE (1F)
Fees: 1,600 yen for adults, 750 yen for primary school children, 500 yen from 4 years old to preschoolers
※ Includes prescribed service charge and tax.




POINT 1About 30 kinds of abundant Japanese-Western buffet menu

Provide an extensive menu with Japanese and Western options.​ ​
Please help yourself anything you want.

French toast baked in front of you

POINT 2Freshly baked French toast

French toast carefully baked on a hot iron plate. Bake it lightly-sweetened so that you can adjust its taste as you like, and finish it up plainly with baguettes for breakfast. It is also recommended to have it with bacon!

Authentic morning curry sticking to spice

POINT 3Special curry that sticks to spice

The hotel special curry which is also popular for lunch and dinner.
If you add fried eggs and fried onions and serve them as the buffet line-up, ithe taste will be a bit richer.
Please eat well and have a good start of the day

Ogura Toast enjoying the local taste

POINT 4A delightful salad bar that you can arrange as you like.

The salad bar, where cusromers are normally pleased to combine their favorite vegetables, is prepared with 4 kinds of toppings such as croutons, powdered cheese, and 5 types of dressings. Please enjoy making your own salad.

Fresh drink of fulfilling full of happiness to the body of the waking-up

POINT 5Drink bar, easy to the body,​ ​
is available.

Tomato juice and other vegetable juices are available that are good for health concious guests. Also, we prepare classic orange juice and milk

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