Facilities & Amenities



  • Reception


    The 1F front desk is an elegant space.

  • Lounge SCENERY


    A variety of coffees, teas, alcoholic drinks, desserts, and light food are available.

  • Shop avail


    Opening Hours 8: 00 ~ 21: 00
    Besides Hida's souvenirs, from convenience store's items to fashion miscellaneous goods in the resort are available.

  • Children's space

    Children's space

    Business hours 9: 00-19: 00
    Kids space to enjoy.

  • Karaoke Room Jack & Betty

    Karaoke roomJACK & BETTY

    Business hours 10: 30 ~ 23: 00
    Two rooms are available for karaoke rooms equipped with the latest audio and visual equipment and are also available as a mini-party venue.

    One person {1 hour} ¥ 1,100
    Affordable group plan
    5 to 10 people (1 room / 1 hour) ¥ 5,500

  • Coin laundry

    Coin laundry

    Business hours 24 hours
    There is a coin laundry on the first floor of the hotel.



  • Restaurant ROSIERE

    Restaurant​ ​ROSIERE

    Enjoy western food buffet. Taste the authentic Hida beef Teppan-Yaki.

  • Teppan-Yaki MINE

    Teppan-Yaki​ ​MINE

    You can enjoy the dynamic Teppan-Yaki which the chef will gril in front of you.

  • Japanese Restaurant KA-UN

    Japanese Restaurant​ ​KA-UN

    Seasonal cuisine and Hida beef Kaiseki are available. There is also a sushi counter.



  • Great Ballroom Tian Xiang

    Large-size Ball RoomTensho

    [Capacity] 200 to 460 people

  • Banquet hall maple

    Ball RoomsKaede

    [Capacity] 30 to 80 people

  • Japanese Banquet Room Sakura

    Japanese-style Ball RoomsSakura

    [Capacity] 40 people



  • Ballroom Diamond

    Ball RoomsDiamond

    [Capacity] 100 to 250 people

  • First place in Japanese Banquet room

    Japanese-style Ball RoomsIchii

    [Capacity] 20 people

  • Meeting Room

    Meeting Room

    [Capacity] 20 to 60 people


  • Spa Wing Tianyu hot spring

    Spa wingBOU NO YU

    [Capacity] 100 to 250 people



  • Spa wing YU SHOKU RAKU

    Spa wingYU SHOKU RAKU

    [Capacity] 50 people


  • Spa Wing Tianyu hot spring

    Spa wingTEN NO YU

    [Capacity] 100 to 250 people

Outside the hotel building

  • Footnote Court

    Tennis court

    * Currently, the coat is not in good condition and has been discontinued.

    Opening Hours 8: 00 ~ 18: 00
    (There may be changed according to the season)
    Offer two courts for hotel use only.
    Fees of charge
    1 tennis court (2 hours ¥ 2,700)
    Rental items
    Racket · shoes (22.5 cm ~) (¥ 210 - (tax included)
    Tennis ball rental is not available.
    You can purchase them at shop avail. 2 pieces / ¥ 1,030 - (tax included)

    Term of use
    April - mid October (Weather,or temperature may change due to the situation)
    ※By appointment only
    You can make the reservation at the reception desk.