It is a Japanese-style buffet with plenty of color,fresh and good ingredients.
Please enjoy your favorite salad, bread, egg dish, ham · sausage, fruit, cereal, Japanese cuisine and dozens of menu items.

Restaurant​ ​ROSIERE

Opening hours: 7: 00 ~ 10: 00 (Japanese-Western Style Buffet)
Last order 9: 30
Floor: Park Wing 2nd Floor
Fees: Adult ¥ 2,370
Elementary school student ¥ 1,230
4 years old ~ preschool child ¥ 620
0 - 3 years free


More than 30 kinds of rich buffet menu

Please enjoy more than 30 kinds of buffet menu including cold dishes, warm cooking, dessert etc.

Freshly baked, hotel-made pancakes

Savor our pancakes made with Hida yogurt and prepared by the chef directly in front of you, and enjoy an assortment of breads freshly baked in the hotel bakery.

Use Hida's carefully selected ingredients

Eggs, mushrooms, vegetables and more are fresh ingredients in the rich nature.
Please enjoy the specialty cuisine using Hida's ingredients.

  • Onsen-tamago (soft boiled egg) from local Hidashokawa eggs

    Onsen-tamago (soft boiled egg) from local Hidashokawa eggs

    Enjoy fresh onsen-tamago from chicken raised in the rich nature of Hidashokawa, famous for producing high-quality buckwheat.

  • Komo Tofu

    Komo Tofu

    Wrapped tofu in 'Komo', knitted straw and boil it in soup stock. Enjoy Hida's local dish as breakfast.

  • Hida's mushrooms

    Hida's mushrooms

    Natural rich Hida is a famous place of mushrooms. Have a fragrant mushroom with hot rice.

  • Pickles from Hida

    Pickles from Hida

    Started pickling red beans indispensable as a preserved chill in the cold winter, we served delicious pickles of Hida.

Breakfast with the Northern Alps

Beautiful Northern Alps, which you can see from the Restaurant ROSIERE.
Enjoy your breakfast slowly while enjoying the wilderness spreading over the entire area.

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