The popular buffet offers 120 kinds of Japanese and Western menu options.
Photogenetic “egg sandwich” using Nagoya cochin and various dishes using Nagoya ingredients are lined up.​ ​
Experience a relaxing breakfast in a special space where you can enjoy both the view from the high floor and the landscape of the terrace.



Opening hours: Guests staying at 6: 30-10: 00 (last entry 9:30)
Floor: 15F
Fees: Adult: 2,700 yen Elementary school student: 1,350 yen Infant (4 years old ~ pre-school): 850 yen
Guest discount Adult: 2,500 yen Elementary school student: 1,250 yen Toddler: 750 yen
※ When you buy a breakfast ticket at the reception by the day before the use day, guest discount is applied.


Approximately 120 kinds of abundant
Buffet menu

Japanese and Western buffet with more than 120 kinds of variety of dishes line up.
You can enjoy breakfast with plenty of Nagoya ingredients such as egg sandwich and Nagoya dishes using Nagoya cochin.

Chef supervisor Chef Daisuke Kanako

point 2​ ​​ ​
Mr. Daisuke Kaneko

Supervised by Mr. Daisuke Kaneko, owner of popular French Restaurant L'AS in Tokyo · Aoyama which is difficult to reserve and is popular for women.
It was selected as the young best chef of the world, such as winning the Rising Star Award sponsored by FOUR MAGAZINE of the UK gourmet magazine 2014 and attracting attention from the world.

Rich egg sandwich using Nagoya Cochin

The GATEHOUSE’s rich egg sandwich, the limited menu for one guest/order only, which is using Nagoya cochin. It is excellent with its egg puree and fluffy ban.

Nagoya specialities

Recommended menu such as chicken wings and ogura toast, specialty of Nagoya dishes, are available. Savor its fresh local cuisine that is using local ingredients.

  • Kishimen


    A type of flat noodle with the smooth texture. Serve with plenty of dried bonito flakes on top.

  • Fried Shrimp

    Fried Shrimp

    Fried shrimp established as a specialty in Nagoya. Excellent compatibility with the characteristic tartar sauce.

  • Chicken wings

    Chicken wings

    It is a classic dish of Nagoya-Meshi, which seasoned chicken fly with oil twice and become crispy texture with spicy taste.

  • Ogura toast

    Ogura toast

    Thickly-sliced and toasted bread is dabbed with butter, and sweet red bean paste is put on it. Once you try, you’ll surely love it.

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Hotel Associa JR Gate Tower 15th Floor, with a total of 220 seats restaurant available from morning to dinner throughout the day. We will propose a memorable day in a special space that you can enjoy both the view and the terrace scenery.

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