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Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel Directly Connected
We have affiliated parking lots available.

with three entrances.
PleaseTowers General parking lot(Hotel alliance parking lot)please use.

Because the guidance to the parking lot is not displayed at the hotel telephone number input, please enter the following parking lot telephone number at the car navigation system.

Illustration Map

There are​ ​three entrances for parking lot.
Please use Towers general parking lot (4 ~ 10F).

  • North Entrance
  • Westbound Entrance
  • South Entrance

※ Note: JP Tower Nagoya Parking lot
There is no affiliated parking lot.

Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel

Map code4 316 248*77

1 - 3 Nakamura Ward, Nagoya - ku, Nagoya - shi 450 - 6660
Phone:+81-52-566-2111​ ​

The entrance of the parking lot sets the car navigation setting below
Please set.


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Parking map (PDF 180 KB)

  • North Entrance

    North Entrance

    When you see the overpass, turn left to the entrance.
    (Entrance/Exit: Open 24 hours)

    Map code4 316 420*40

    GPS Coordinates on Google Maps
    35.174002, 136.880606

  • Westbound Entrance

    Westbound Entrance

    Turn right at the Sasajima intersection and go straight along the overpass.​ ​​ ​
    You’ll see the entrance on your left.
    (Entrance/Exit: Open 24 hours)

    Map code4 286 637*13

    GPS Coordinates on Google Maps
    35.167515, 136.882557

  • South Entrance

    South Entrance

    Turn left at the Sasajima intersection and go straight along the overpass.​ ​​ ​
    Entrance open 24 hours /Exit Closed from midnight to 6am

    Map code4 286 643*66

    GPS Coordinates on Google Maps
    35.167374, 136.884142

Preferential price 2,160 yen (no entrance / exit in the middle)
Hours From 15: 00 until the next 11:30

* In case of getting in and out in the middle, separate fee will be added in addition to the preferential fee.
※ Hours outside the use hours will be 350 yen for 30 minutes.

  • Vehicle size:
    Self-propelled type: length 5.8 m, width 2.0 m, height 2.1 m
    Space available for:
    Approximately 1,000 units
  • Opening hours:
    North ExitEntrance/Exit: Open 24 hours
    Westbound Entrance​ ​​ ​​ ​Entrance/Exit: Open 24 hours
    South Exit:
    ​ ​Open 24 hours for entrance/Exit closed from midnight to 6am

Guests arriving by motorbike have no affiliated parking lot. Moreover, it can not enter from either "South entrance / west direction mouth / north entrance".