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Membership Program Rules
Membership Program Rules

April 1, 2005
1. Name
The name of the program is "ASSOCIA ADVANTAGE" (herein after "AA").

2. Enrollment
A valid AA card will be handed to you upon completion and submittal of designated application form to the clerk at the AA service counter at any Associa Hotels.

3. Enrollment fee
No enrollment fee is necessary.

4. Benefits
Members are entired to all of the benefits of this program.
5. Utilizing the membership
(1) Upon any reservation, please give the membership number. For room reservations, please call each of the hotel directly.
(2) Please submit your members card upon your check-in or restaurant payment.

6. Membership card
(1) Please notify the AA Program Center if the card is lost or damaged or if there are any changes in the cuurent address, telephone number, e-mail etc.
(2) Only the person whose name is registered as a member is entitled to use the card.
(3) Please do not loan or transfer the card to any third person or a party. (families included)

7. Membership disqualification
Please be aware that Associa Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to disqualify a member and invalidate all of the accumulated reward points the moment a member is determined to fall under any of the following cases ;
(1) Invalidity of the contact address or telephone number.
(2) Payment failure for any facility usage.
(3) If there are no record of usage for a period of two consecutive year.
(4) Unjustified usage of rewards.
(5) If a member, without an unavoidable reason(s), inflicts any damages to hotel facility(s), equipment(s), fixture(s), incidental facility(s), or any construction(s) within the hotel premises.
(6) If a member is deemed related to a crime syndicate or belongs to a company or an organization under influence of a crime syndicate or employs a board member(s) who corresponds as a member of a crime syndicate.
(7) If a member violates hotels rules and regulations.
(8) Any case other than the above that we deem inappropriate as a member.

8. Revision to the agreements and termination of the program
Associa Hotels & Resorts may revise the Program agreement or benefits, in whole or in part, at its discretion without notice. In addition, Associa Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to terminate the AA program at any time.

Membership Program Regulations

April 1, 2005
1. Purpose of the regulations
These regulations define the benefits offered by Associa Hotels & Resorts to member of Associa Advantage (herein after “AA”) as well as the requirements for claiming rewards.
2. How to earn points
(1) AA members will receive one point per every 1,000 yen (tax not included) of
accommodation and restaurant charges at any Associa Hotels.
(2) Points will be added to the card only if the payer is the AA member.
3. Excluded commodities
(1) Any reservations through travel agencies.
(2) Any reservations from internet other than Associa Hotels & Resorts website.
(3) Any use of Associa Hotels & Resorts with the privilege of “Associa Resorts Club”.
(4) Any charges that are not paid directly by the AA member.
(5) Whenever a member chooses other point program, such as an airline frequent
flyers program etc, over AA program.
(6) Any charges paid before enrollment.
(7) When the member does not submit the card upon usage.
(8) Tariffs and taxes.
(9) Upon purchase of the “Associa Gift Coupon”.
(10) Charges for Wedding, Parties and Special events.
(11) When to use accumulated points.
(12) When to charge bill to a corporate (with a company account).
4. Validity
(1) Points are valid until December 31 of the second year following the date which
they were accumulated.
(2) Points will become invalid if it is not exchange for any benefits during its period of

5. Point calculations
Each point earned will be added to the record. All amounts are rounded to the nearest thousand yen.
6. Point statements
(1) The total number of points earned will appear on the receipt.
(2) Inquiry over telephone is available at the AA Program Center.
(Mon-Fri: 9:00-17:30 except national holidays)
(3) Inquiry through website is also available.
7. Rewards
(1) (1) When points are accumulated sufficiently within the period of validity, the member
can claim rewards by simply coming to the AA Service Counter with the
member’s card at any Associa Hotels to receive a “Point Coupon” or “Hotel Coupon”.
(2) Please hand the “Point Coupon” or the “Hotel Coupon” upon reservation, check-in
or arrival at restaurant.
(3) Associa Hotels & Resorts may set restriction on accommodation using stay
coupons due to high occupancy of hotel for period you wish to stay.

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