It is a Japanese-style buffet with plenty of color,fresh and good ingredients.
Please enjoy your favorite salad, bread, egg dish, ham · sausage, fruit, cereal, Japanese cuisine and dozens of menu items.

Coffee ShopPERGOLA

Opening hours: 7: 00-10: 00 (Breakfast Buffet)
Last order 9: 30
Floor: 1F
Fees: Adult ¥ 2,100
3 years old ~ primary school student ¥ 1,050
0 to 2 years old: for free


Enjoy our buffet

A comprehensive menu that uses local specialty ingredients, with Japanese and Western dishes.
Delight yourself with an array of beautiful meals.

Sakura shrimp and shimmering omelette

The chef's recommendation is an omelette with Shizuoka's famous "Sakura shrimp and shirasu" .
Fluffy luxury omelets are exquisite.

Live-cooking kitchen

In the popular performance kitchen you can enjoy the freshly made omelet which the chef finishes in front of you.

Use Shizuoka's premium selection ingredients

There are abundant fresh ingredients rich in nature, including shirasu, prawn shrimp and tea.
Please enjoy the specialty cuisine using ingredients from Shizuoka prefecture.

  • Shirasu


    Please try shirasu, one of Shizuoka's spediality, with rice.

  • Black Hanpen

    Black Hanpen

    Black hanpen, which is made of plenty of fresh sardines, is also a popular specialty.

  • Tea soba

    Tea soba

    The rich flavor spreads throughout the mouth,
    Tea soba that green tea is kneated in.

  • Matcha pancake

    Matcha pancake

    For dessert, please have pancakes filled with syrup.

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