Supervised by an internationally acclaimed chef.
Enjoy a breakfast that incorporates locally produced food.

The rooftop garden allows you to look down through the large window at a view of Nagoya as it changes through the seasons.
At the hotel restaurant, you can fully enjoy the cozy, sophisticated atmosphere and menu that brings out the best in each ingredient.

- We offer carefully prepared meals throughout the day, starting with a full breakfast.
- The restaurant is a bright space directly connected to the Sky Street (15th floor)
- Seating available for 200. (without terrace seat)

[Supervising Chef Daisuke Kaneko]

Chef Kaneko is the chef at the modern French restaurant, L'AS, one of the hottest spots in Tokyo.
Attracting international attention and selected as one of the best young chefs in the world, he was awarded the "Rising Star Award" in 2014 by FOUR MAGAZINE, a British gourmet magazine.

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