Banquet / Conference

Banquet / Conference

7 individual conference rooms for all manner of events

Our 7 conference rooms can be found from the foyer, overlooking cars passing by the station all the way to the 5th floor.
Rooms such as the dignified and elegant "Ballroom", and "The Patio" which is reminiscent of a European meeting place, have a unified interior with calm colours, and are spaces which are comfortable and offer great functionality.
These rooms are of course suited to workshops and conferences, exhibitions and reception parties, as well as weddings, reunions, and other events.

Internet Environment

High speed internet connection of up to 100Mbps is available in the conference rooms.

  • High speed connection of up to 100Mbps through an optical access line.
  • We offer a "Wireless Access Point" in the conference rooms. Wireless.
  • Suitable security measures and privacy protection are also in place.

High Speed Internet Connection

High speed internet access has been made available in all 222 rooms and 7 conference rooms.
High speed connection to the provider can be made externally through the use of an optical access line (up to 100Mbps).
In addition, wireless access points are available in the conference rooms so you can connect to the internet without troublesome wires.

Full security measures have also been implemented to ensure that communications between guest rooms are blocked and that personal privacy is protected.
A firewall has been installed and protects the internal LAN system from external attacks.
Guests staying with us or using the conference rooms may use our internet facilities free of charge.
All of our staff are looking forward to your visit.

*Connection cables can be borrowed free of charge (we do not loan PCs).
*Please visit the front desk for further information.

Other Facilities

  • Florist, Gift Shop
  • Hair Salon, Clothes Store, Photo Lab, Brides Room
  • Temple, Chapel, Sky Garden

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