Ishitoiyu "Ishitoiyu"


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Located on the highest floor of our Hot-Spring Wing, "Ten-no-yu" prides itself on its magnificent view, the best of the whole wing. The water of the "Ishitoiyu" on this floor extends to the very edge, overflowing in a way so that when our guests soak up to their shoulders, it seems to blend with the surrounding scenery like an infinity pool creating the illusion that one is floating in midair.

[Opening hours]
5:00am - 10:00am, 12:00pm - 1:00am

  • "Tenbou-no-yu," located on the 7th floor, and "Nozomi-no-yu," on the 5th, are made available to men and women on different days. The schedule rotates daily so that all our guests will have a chance to enjoy both baths, even during a short, one-night stay.
  • Guests staying overnight can make use of "Tenbou-no-yu" for free.
  • Towels to be used at our hot-spring baths are provided in the guests' rooms.
    For guests on a one-day trip including a hot-spring bath and lunch, we will provide towels at the entrance to our Spa Wing (Tenbou no yu)



1Rock bath 2Hinoki (cypress) bath 3Indoor bath with jacuzzi 4Cascading bath 5Oval pot bath



1Dressing room (5F / 7F) 2Washing area (5F / 7F) 3Low temperature sauna (5F / 7F)
4Binoculars available to use free of charge at the open air baths on the 5th and 7th floors.

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