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The exclusive passageway connects directly to "Tenbou-no-yu", our open-air bath with a panoramic view in our Hot-Spring Wing (Spa Wing).
On the Hotel side, it connects to the 6th floor, where our izakaya-style restaurant "Yushokuraku" is located. This makes it the ideal place for our guests to enjoy a light snack or a drink at a reasonable price after a relaxing hot bath.


Tatami room Tatami room

table corner Table corner

Terrace Restaurant "Yushokuraku"

[Opening hours]
5:00pm - 11:00pm (Last order / 10:30pm)

At "Yushokuraku" our guests can enjoy a light meal or snack, beer and local Hida sake (Japanese rice wine) in the tatami room. In addition, we also have a panoramic deck and an "ashiyu" (foot bath) corner, which can be used as a meeting space for men and women coming from their respective baths.
There are also vending machines which have Hida-produced milk, café latte, beer and other kinds of alcoholic beverages for our guests to enjoy while having a pleasant chat at our table corner.

"Yushokuraku" information

Hydrophilic corner

Hydrophilic corner ("Ashiyu" – foot bath)

This is our foot-bath corner, where you can enjoy hot springs while wearing yukata or your regular clothes.

Panoramic deck

Panoramic deck

Enjoy a panoramic view of the magnificent scenery while laying back in the comfortable chairs that we have prepared for you.

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