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We offer a free Shuttle Bus which travels to and from JR Takayama Station.

Up to the Meiji Restoration, Takayama flourished as Hida's political, economical and cultural center within its status as a Tenryo (area under direct control of the Edo shogunate.) Town culture and traditions prospered within the castle town.

Hida Takayama, which became modernized after the opening of the JR Takayama Line, is now known as a popular sightseeing spot where one can still enjoy the feelings evoked by the beautiful, Edo-era townscape. It remains a place where the local dishes - made with ingredients nurtured by the area's fresh water and limpid air - and delicious Hida sake (Japanese rice wine) invariably fill visitors' hearts with a rich sense of nostalgia.

As proof of the importance of Takayama in historical and traditional terms, "Takayama Matsuri" (Takayama Festival) has come to be known as one of the three major festivals in West Japan. From the hustle and bustle of the street stalls to the gorgeous and dazzling festival parades such as the "shishimai" (lion dance), all unchanged from the Edo period, these events are a surefire attraction in both the Spring Takayama Festival (April 14th and 15th) and the Autumn Takayama Festival (October 9th and 10th).


  • Hida-takayama
  • Hida-takayama
  • Hida-takayama

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Visiting Kamikochi, Norikura and Shirakawa-go from our Hotel

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Due to its former position as an area under the direct control of the Edo shogunate, Hida-Takayama is famous for its wealth of antiques and historical artworks.
As a result, one can find many antique dealers within the city, especially around the older parts of town.

You can take this historical artwork map with you while taking a walk around Takayama to visit its old townscape, the morning market, “Yatai Kaikan” (a hall displaying exhibitions of Takayama Festival all year round), and “Takayama Jinya” (the former government outpost). If you take a break from sightseeing, how about visiting some antique dealers too?
Perhaps you’ll find the perfect souvenir!
Most antique dealers in town have their shops in the pedestrian's paradise of Sanmachi Doori Street.
(There are approx. 20 stores)

*From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. (Held on the first Sunday of every month from April to October)
If you are interested in antiques, we recommend that you organize your trip around the first Sunday of every month.

Websites for each sightseeing area

Hida Takayama Event Information

Special privileges for overnight guests at sightseeing spots

Discount sale (Available at the front desk)

  • Matsuri no mori
    TEL : 0577-37-1000
    Underground Dome Only
    Discount price for adults 800 yen (the standard price is 1000 yen)
    Children who show their booklets pay ¥540 instead of the regular price of ¥600


Complementary tickets available at the front desk.

  • Hida Takayama Teddy Bear Eco Village
    TEL : 0577-37-2525
    100 yen off the standard admission fee
  • Hikaru Museum
    Adults ¥700 (instead of ¥900)
    High school students 500 yen (instead of ¥700)
    Elementary and middle school students ¥200 (instead of ¥300)
  • Oku Hida Kuma Bokujo (Bear's Park)
    Adults ¥900 (instead of ¥1000)
    Children pay 450 yen (instead of ¥500)
  • Hida Takayama Shishi Kaikan (Karakuri Museum)
    ¥500 per person (instead of ¥600)
  • Hida Takayama Dai Shonyudo (Stalactite Cave)
    Adults ¥900 (instead of ¥1000)
    Children pay 450 yen (instead of ¥500)

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