Karaoke Room Jack and Betty

Jack and Betty

We have two karaoke rooms equipped with the latest audiovisual facilities, which can be also used as small party venues.

Our karaoke machine has now been refurbished
With the latest hits always downloaded and ready to be played, our karaoke room invites our guests to enjoy a cocktail while singing along to the newest karaoke songs, which are displayed on our LCD screen and easily selected with the wireless remote control navigator.

We have introduced a large AQUOS LCD screen, and can proudly say we have the greatest number of songs available (53066 songs in total.)
A wireless microphone, games (bingo, lucky number, oracle score) and key control are available too.

[How to use]
Please refer to our staff at the front desk.

¥1,100 / hour per person

[Discount Group Plan]
From 5 to 10 people / ¥5,500/hour per room

Tennis court

Tennis court

We have two tennis courts available for our hotel guests only.

[Opening hours]
8:00am - 6:00pm (May vary from season to season)

Use of 1 tennis court for 2 hours / ¥2,700
Products available for rent / racket, shoes (starting at 22.5cm)
¥210 each (tax included)
Tennis balls are not available for rent.
They can be bought at Shop Avail at the price of ¥1,000 (tax included) for 2 balls.

[Opening period]
From April to mid-October (may vary according to the weather or temperature)

Guests can make a reservation either at the same time they book their rooms, or at the front desk on the same day they plan to use the court.

Skiers lockers

Skier's lockers

Our lockers for skiers can hold ski equipment for up to 30 guests.

Shop Avail

[Shop Avail]
(Located next to the 1st floor lobby in the Park Wing.)

[Opening hours]
8:00am - 9:00pm

We have a varied assortment of products, from Hida-style handicrafts and souvenirs unique to Takayama, to resort-style fashion accessories and everyday products of the kind typically sold at convenience stores.

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