Kaun Dinner A la Carte


●SASHIMI(Roe Fish)  
Tuna ¥1,200
White Fish


Assorted SASHIMI ¥2,300
●YAKIMONO  On the table grills  
Beef grill with MISO on the “HOOBA” leaf ¥2,300
Beef Grill on the Stone Plate ¥2,500
Special HIDA-Beef ISHIYAKI ¥3,500
●TEMPURA  Deep fried dishes  
Deep fried TOFU in soy-flavored sauce ¥600
Mushrooms TEMPURA ¥1,000
Prawn and vegetables TEMPURA ¥1,500
Sushi served in a bowl ¥800
Assort SUSHI 10 Peices ¥3,000
Rice served with Japanese tea ¥400
Rice, MISO-Soup & Pickles ¥800
Ice Cream  
Seasonal Assorted Fruits  

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