Double Room


Moderate Double Room

These are the standard guest rooms at Hotel Associa Shin-Yokohama. With an up-to-date office environment and interior design that utilises a peaceful colour scheme, they are suitable for all of our guests to relax in, whether for business or private use. From the sofa, carefully selected for comfort and proper height, you can see the expansive scenery of Yokohama stretching to the horizon.

[Floor space] 23.4sqm/251sq.ft.
[Bed-sized(mm)] 1,600x2,000
[Number of rooms] 135


Superior Double Room

The sunny and spacious interior of this refined, high-quality room will make your forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

Enjoy comfort and convenience at your own pace.Then 
Massage chairs are in the rooms.

[Floor space] 31.5sqm/338sq.ft.
[Bed-sized(mm)] 1,600x2,000

[Number of rooms] 7


Executive Double Room

The interior of the high-quality Executive Double includes two spacious windows that wrap around the whole room.
High up over Shin-Yokohama Station and with the city stretching before you, this is a relaxing space that is perfect for adults.

[Floor space] 51.4sqm/552sq.ft.
[Bed-sized(mm)] 2,000x2,000
[Number of rooms] 2


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