Business Center Business Center

Coin-operated PC Coin-operated PC

Copy Service (RICOH) Copy Service (RICOH)

Business Center (1F)

We provide facilities to support our customers' business in a corner of the lobby.
They are available to our guests as well as outside visitors.

[Business hours] 6:00am - 0:00am

The coin-operated PC, photocopier, and mobile phone charger are available at the above times.

Coin-operated PC

  • Just insert coins to use it.
  • Internet Browsing
    Office software (Excel, Word, and Power Point) is available.
  • Cost ¥100 per 15 minutes
  • Black and White printing
    (180 seconds will be deducted from remaining usage time for each page)

Copy Service (RICOH)

Insert coins to use it.
Cost (per page)

SizeB5 / A4B4 / A3
Black and White ¥30 ¥40
Color ¥100 ¥150

Mobile Phone Charger

Mobile Phone Charger (Happy Charger)

Compatible with all mobile and smart phones from all manufacturers
¥100 per 30 minutes of charge time

Beauty Salon Shibayama

[Beauty and Dressing] Beauty Salon Shibayama (2F)

[Business hours] 9:00am - 6:00pm
[Contact] TEL : 054-254-1895(Beauty and Dressing)
[Closed] Wednesdays
[URL] http://www.shibayama.com/

This beauty salon has more than 110 years of tradition, and a reputation for fashionable sensibilities and high skill. Not only are they devoted to healthy hair and recommend the latest techniques, they also provide information on massage care with potent anti-aging effects.


[Bridal Costume] LAVIEEN ROSE (2F)

[Business hours] 10:00am - 6:00pm
[Contact] TEL : 054-272-0008
[Closed] Wednesdays
[URL] http://www.lavieen-rose.co.jp

We provide a lineup of gorgeous wedding dresses and wedding attire that gives a sparkle to that climactic moment at, with the latest in style.


[Photo Studio] Bikoshaen (2F)

[Business hours] 10:00am - 6:00pm
[Contact] TEL : 054-254-2654
[Closed] Wednesdays
[URL] http://www.bikoshaen.co.jp/

You want to keep a never-fading memory of the emotion of this moment…
In order to remain at the forefront of studio photography,
Bikoshaen devotes effort to training photographers.
The high level of quality and variations to suit the style of photography vividly depict those emotional scenes.

Toyota Rent-a-car

[Rent-a-car] Toyota Rent-a-car (1F)

[Business hours]
8:00am - 8:00pm

TEL : 054-254-0100 (From February 26)
Toll-free : 0120-782-110

Toyota Rent-a-car is No.1 in the industry for the number of vehicles in inventory and locations. We offer a diverse lineup from cars to trucks. We support your driving life in a wide range of business and leisure scenes.

Hibiya Kadan

[Flower Arrangements] Florist Hibiya Kadan (1F)

Hibiya Kadan's Wedding Coordination Visual Site

Floral gifts a cut above
Hibiya Kadan

[Business hours] 11:00am - 6:00pm (Staff can be called on the in-store phone)
[Closed] Tuesdays and Wednesdays

[Products] Limited to items that can be delivered by our affiliated fresh flower vendors
     (We operate as a salon for accepting orders)
[Payment Methods] Credit card only (Invoices can be prepared for corporate customers)

TEL : 054-254-6717
FAX : 054-254-6718

Spend a delightful time with flowers and greenery.
Our elegant flower arrangement techniques bring you the joy of flowers and greenery.
Beautiful and graceful blooming flowers are an important messenger for expressing joy and gratitude.
We incorporate the sender’s feelings in a bouquet of seasonal flowers.

[Barber Shop] Men's Salon Sugiyama (1F)

[Business hours] 9:30am - 7:00pm
[Contact] TEL : 054-221-0505
[Closed] Wednesdays

This men's salon has an excellent reputation not only for its cutting technique, but also for hair care.
With a wealth of experience and proven skill, it has many longtime customers.