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Associa Gift Certificate

Associa Hotels and Resorts
Valid at all our hotels

The Associa Gift Voucher gives the gift of a pleasant time spent with Associa.
Vouchers can be used in all of the hotels in the Associa Hotels and Resorts group, and can be redeemed against anything, from accommodation and banqueting to dining in our restaurants and bars and shopping in our in-hotel stores.

The Associa Gift Voucher

With two types of voucher are available, a ¥10,000 voucher and a ¥1,000 voucher, the one that most suits your budget and needs can be selected.
For that special person, for the one to whom you wish to express your gratitude, the Associa Gift Voucher is the perfect gift for conveying your sentiment.

<Associa Gift Vouchers do not have an expiration date>


Associa Gift Vouchers are available to purchase at all Associa Hotels and Resorts hotels.
Nagoya Marriott
Associa hotel
TEL : 052-584-1111
Hotel Associa
Takayama Resort
TEL : 0577-36-0001
Hotel Associa
TEL : 0532-57-1010
Hotel Associa
TEL : 054-254-4141
Hotel Associa
TEL : 045-475-0011

Terms and conditions regarding voucher usage

  1. Associa Gift Vouchers can be used at all Associa Hotels and Resorts hotel as listed above.
  2. Associa Gift Vouchers can not be exchanged for cash. Change will not be given should the value of the transaction be less than the value of the voucher.
  3. Associa Gift Vouchers that do not have the corporate seal or the perforated panel attached will be invalidated.
  4. You can't use it at a tenant store in each hotel.
  5. We don't shoulder the responsibility about theft, loss and loss.

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